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promo Films

promo Lite: R69k

We plan the movie with you, then bring our most essential gear and filmmaking team to you for two days. After another 2-3 days in post, you get a simple, professional video that introduces your product or organisation. Share it on your website and social media platforms.

Add up to 30 seconds of simple animation for an extra R20k.

promo Classic: 149k

We plan the film very thoroughly with you, then bring an excellent selection of film gear and crew to you for three days of high quality filming. After 5-6 days in post, you get a clean, polished video that introduces your product or organisation.

Add up to 60 seconds of animation for an extra R50k.

promo Premium: R249k

We carefully research, write and plan the film with you, then use a combination of hired studio, on-location filming, and high end equipment to show off the best parts of your product or organisation, wrapped in a premium quality package suitable for various platforms. Post takes between 2-3 weeks, using the best editors and sound designers in the business.

Add up to 60 seconds of animation for an extra R50k.



Show funders how their investment helped solve a problem, or create a crowdfunding video. We use a documentary style of filmmaking that is down-to-earth and intimate, but professional.

Add animated infographics for an extra R20-R50k.



Behind-the-scenes films and photos are a great way to keep people up to date with you. Simply add BTS onto any of our other productions for extra social media engagement opportunities, or hire our BTS crew to cover an event.

Bespoke Films

Want something specific? We also make award-winning short fiction films, international documentaries, trailers and various animation. Let’s meet for coffee and chat.


Please note, prices advertised on this website are a guide. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, and will happily travel anywhere in the country – and world! – to work with you. In those cases, travel costs will be added.

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