Kerrin is a creative producer and editor. Over the past twelve years she’s worked in various capacities on cinema, television and online productions, some of which have won prestigious international awards (including BAFTA, Crystal and Emmy awards, and an Oscar nomination). She’s produced e-learning series, written and directed children’s television, and edited series, features and short films. She ran Parliament’s first live-stream system, which gained over 1 600 000 views and just under 10 000 subscribers in three years.

Kerrin is especially drawn to animated or documentary projects that entertain and inform, and are designed for underrepresented markets.

She holds an MFA in Film and Television Production from the University of Cape Town.


Pascale is the director of photography at Just Films. She has over ten years’ experience in the film, television and documentary industries, working mostly in London and Cape Town.

In 2017, she was director of photography on an international indie feature film in London. In 2014, she worked as the cinematographer on a multimedia project, for the Daily Maverick, directed by Rebecca Davis, which won the African Media Story Challenge.

She holds an MA in Cinematography (with distinction), from Goldsmiths, University of London. She speaks English, German, Afrikaans and French.

What we do

We make films that serve a just cause. Our work is character-driven, emotional and meaningful.

Don’t take our word for it

“Kerrin and Pascale are utterly professional and above all a joy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to work with committed intelligent and insightful people who don’t require to be asked to take the initiative, and deliver high quality results.”

Jamie Telford, Director, Producer Langholm Stories. London

“Being a first for me, working in front of a camera was a scary thought. All until I came across a calm, professional set with Kerrin and Pascale managing each moment as it unfolded. I’m thrilled at the outcome of this film! It’s a powerful tool in our hands!”

Celeste Vegter, ILT Practitioner, ILT Promo. Wellington

“I was fortunate enough to work quite intensely with Pascale in 2014 on a multimedia project called Coughing Up For Gold, which investigated the problem of silicosis and TB in former gold miners.  She produced outstanding work – sensitively, beautifully shot, and richly conveying the poignancy and hardship of these miners’ situations. At all times she treated her interview subjects with respect and sensitivity, and beyond this brought a refreshingly can-do attitude to our practical challenges.”

Rebecca Davis, Journalist, winner of African Media Story Challenge. Cape Town

“Meeting and working with Kerrin was one of the best things that came out of working on the Sun Exchange. I learned so much from her, and obviously, without her on board, we wouldn’t have had the beautiful finished product that we ended up with. Kerrin helped solve our trickiest visual moments on the infographic and brought a level of professionalism to the project that helped move things smoothly and swiftly along. I only hope I get the opportunity to work with her again in the future!”

Kirsti Cumming, Director The Sun Exchange video campaign. Cape Town