Just Films

Let’s Pretend with Fumi and Friends

Edutainment series for Deaf children aged 3-7
1 x 12-minute pilot episode; 52 x 12-min episodes
Written by Jayne Batzofin & Kerrin Kokot
Development: Just Films
Production: The Training Room Online
Distribution: Gravel Road Distribution Group
Status: In development

Supported by the National Film and Video Foundation

How We Live
Observational documentary feature
An intimate look at the lives of three Capetonian families: working, middle and upper class
Status: In development


Every Six Months
Dark comedy short film
Produced by Kerrin Kokot, Pascale Neuschäfer & Yolande Botha
Nominated for Best Use of Music – Mzanzi Magic Short Film Festival
Shortlisted for Best Film – Colchester 60 Hour Film Challenge


Comedy short film
Won Silver Award for Best Film, African Category – London Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival

Science fiction short film
Produced for the 48 Hour Film Project
Nominated for Best Sound Design – 48 Hour Film Festival

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